#LondonMarathon #kipchoge focused on the job#events #photography https://t.co/CkJHqA4nr8 "Good to see" pic.twitter.com/PBemddvRjJ

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) April 23, 2018

Once in a #blueMoon you might want something photographed that you can’t quite do justice to yourself.
Get in touch - it needn’t be astronomical!https://t.co/CkJHqA4nr8 Good to see pic.twitter.com/qwVjAhKRwl

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) February 1, 2018

Stunning (though I say it myself :) new 100x50cm framed with window mount print of #streatham Commmon Woods would make a wonderful circa £250 present. Viewing on request. (Colours online may not be accurate) Thanks for looking. pic.twitter.com/YJWMxwyFl9

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 14 December 2017

#streatham Good opportunity at see many of my large colourful prints and have a glass of bubbly @eawates Fri 6pm. Sorry I can't be there. Shooting event in Aylesbury pic.twitter.com/gIHkaIDwmt

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 7 December 2017

At the going down of the sun and in the morning,#RemembranceDay2017 #Streatham pic.twitter.com/BfswCjVzTz

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 11 November 2017

Hello #Mitcham, I'm looking for a venue to get my photos before the public. can anyone help please? Many thanks pic.twitter.com/AloFF2NZlL

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 3 October 2017

I''ll have prints and cards etc of near and far;
Immanuel Church Craft Fair Saturday, #Streatham Common Dog Show Sunday pic.twitter.com/A1uMLqlrht

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 15 September 2017

All set up for a lovely afternoon Kempshott Rd #streatham street party pic.twitter.com/ytweWc4ff7

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 17 June 2017

"We're leaving #Clapham and wanted a picture of the #bandstand. Saw your photo on Google and liked it the most" Tom Shearer pic.twitter.com/09sWmh4NGV

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 10 June 2017

#cricket #phototography for #Morden Park Assoc @Merton_Council @MordenCC Thanks for your help guys. pic.twitter.com/THQrPsXj9M

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 4 June 2017

#news Other views are available @aeWates @themerescribbler Crave #streatham Event > landscape #photography "Good to See" pic.twitter.com/HnDQMjtgsH

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 19 May 2017

What #event do you want remembered by an #eventprof? #classic #photography pic.twitter.com/ZNCoAVu8Ls

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 6 May 2017

What event would you like remembered?https://t.co/CkJHqA4nr8 "good to see"#eventprofs #PartyFun pic.twitter.com/uelyw1YzCH

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 28 April 2017

Come and explore one of our new Cycle routes this #BankHolidayWeekend ! Hire any bike in any size #Cycling https://t.co/6GowwpnnAR pic.twitter.com/ItSgx4qabr

— Cycle Brighton (@Cycle_Brighton) 26 April 2017

#streatham to #venice Selection of Martin Sharpe prints at @aewates and Crave Cafe. "Good to see!" pic.twitter.com/yGEjBzBXfi

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 22 April 2017

The actor Luke Ireland turned out to be a bit of a #Joker and great to work with pic.twitter.com/ud3sLxe3BD

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 28 March 2017

#Westminster In memory pic.twitter.com/pg7Bf6fzga

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 23 March 2017

"I was @manorarms on Sunday and went to Crave Coffee on my way home and brought the print of @streatham, I love it"
Ellen Cockerill pic.twitter.com/N26LwmRAnS

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 18 March 2017

An exhibition of A1 prints of local scenes at "Crave" 12 #Mitcham Lane #Streatham. Worth a visit if you like that sort of thing😀 pic.twitter.com/eVMQl5FmUJ

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 10 March 2017

Not #Michigan but #Mitcham Great Lakes pic.twitter.com/fqbxjrIHS0

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 13 January 2017

Our lovely #Streatham Woods was a runner-up in the @WoodlandTrust national photo #competition https://t.co/ZtkeYR9u6S @sccoopstreatham pic.twitter.com/NNp4xtmNVi

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 10 December 2016

#Streatham goes back in time #veterancarrun #eventprofs pic.twitter.com/6Cil9enALz

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 6 November 2016

Big thanks to Rav @Lowepro DayMen for the replacement chest strap for my workhorse Vertex 200 camera pack. Great customer service - thanks pic.twitter.com/mRCDqio0Rx

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 21 October 2016

The #Liberation of #CamdenTown, #DPTANKLONDON #eventprofs #photography pic.twitter.com/vVi9PpIkkW

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 4 October 2016

Shooting a TANK for #DPTANKLONDON Saturday. Could be mayhem.....in a fun way! All welcome. The #harleydavidson going to look tame now! pic.twitter.com/UtNpzF9t41

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 29 September 2016

#IndianSummer #hernehill @BrockwellParkCP @HerneHillSoc Cards/Prints/Posters on my website pic.twitter.com/SIByofcs19

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 23 September 2016

Yeh! Not just cards + prints! #streatham woods @Rookery100 @sccoopstreatham https://t.co/BNzlg06KyE pic.twitter.com/ia66X45naj

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 22 September 2016

A fav portrait from #Streatham @Rookery100 dog show https://t.co/voCWQijRdm pic.twitter.com/lNikq5Rr7c

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 14 September 2016

See our unique #mitchamcommon greetings cards @Photo_Sharpe in association with @MitchamCommonF. More info - https://t.co/1BrjC6uoqb

— MitchamCommonFriends (@MitchamCommonF) 28 June 2016

Set of 6 greeting cards celebrating #mitcham common available from @MitchamCommonF pic.twitter.com/0xDwdhmZqt

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 13 June 2016

We loved the show! Thank you. @ZipposCircus #Streatham @Rookery100 pic.twitter.com/y7eV3dVlfb

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 21 May 2016

https://t.co/d2U5vrKeji https://t.co/9sRTqGwye4 @theatre503 #streatham Have a great run pic.twitter.com/1T12cAKYfi

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 19 May 2016

Dragon Taming. You never know what you might see a #StreathamKiteDay. Come and see me too https://t.co/XPEOM3JgCe pic.twitter.com/Woh0mtGF0T

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 14 May 2016

Looking for a venue for in #streatham to exhibit my local photos during @streatfest Many thanks pic.twitter.com/lXS87Z22cE

— Martin Sharpe (@Photo_Sharpe) 12 May 2016