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Hi - thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photographs. This website is primarily designed to be a categorised archive.

Not every photograph I've taken is a work of art. Many are simply satisfactory, or perhaps at best, pleasing representations of a subject (opens in new page) that may have an editorial use.

There are some photographs that use visual metaphor to reflect human concerns, some of which represent my most interesting work.

But I'm also passionate about decorative photography - photography to grace walls in people's living or working areas. When taking these photographs I ask myself: am I thinking "Oh Wow!"? If not, should I bother? And is it good enough for my friend Willie Hangit (or his mum, Wilma) to want to put it on the wall? After all, if they will, perhaps you will.

Finally, I also believe that good commemorative photography can become valuable in future years whether it is a portrait of a person or of an event or even a changing landscape.

If you would like to purchase any of my photography in any form, from large framed or unframed prints to sets of greeting cards, or mugs to T shirts, or commission some photography please do get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.

Enjoy looking.

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