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Event Photography

I have professionally photographed many events ranging from blue chip company annual award evenings to small birthday parties, professional theatre productions to school events, weddings to bar mitzvahs. Always my goal is to memorably capture the occasion with great pictures while interacting in the most appropriate way. This usually means creating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere or being discreet. However I can also provide leadership when required in order to achieve required shots.

Professional cameras, lenses, accessories and experience do make a difference to the quality of photographs. This is especially true when conditions are challenging.

If you are having an event that you would like photographed I look forward to hearing from you and discussing your requirements.

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Steve & Stuart

Portrait Photography

I have literally taken thousands of portrait shots with the vast majority of them being associated with my event photography work. Through this experience I have developed an understanding of what makes a good portrait and how to go about achieving it.

My aim is always to convey something of the life story of my subject whether that story is about them being three days old or facing death or celebrating an aspect of their life.

If you would like a portrait taken even if it is just for a passport or your social media page, your company website or one that that tells something significant of your or someone else's life story please do get in touch.

Landscape and Travel


Landscape & Travel Photography

My landscape portfolios (which will be back online soon!) range from my doorstep in South London to the rest of the UK, parts of Europe and India. Prints, greeting cards, mugs and tea shirts are available directly from me or from local businesses who stock my work. Please contact me if you would like further details or revisit this site after 22/05/2017


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